About Me

As a Speaker, Facilitator, and Coach, I use the creative application of Gestalt, principles of Positive Psychology, and a somatically driven tool-box in private practice and in workshops & retreats.


What I Do

My work supports building and maintaining physical, emotional, & spiritual health and restores a state of joy through dialogue, mindfulness, movement, and play.

How I Do It

Backed by a rigorous scientific foundation from leading educational institutions such as University of North Carolina, Harvard University, and UPenn, I utilize best practices in my field(s) of study, as well as the practices of mindful self-compassion, cultivating resilience, and gratitude that have increased joyful psychological and physical wellbeing in my own life. My process is accessible, compassionate, and filled with respect and space for others to follow their own inherent wisdom.

I am an E-RYT® with a foundation in Awakened Heart, Embodied Mind® Trauma-Informed Yoga, and I am certified in Let Your Yoga Dance® (Embodied Positive Psychology), Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra®, Love Light Yin Yoga®, and Love Your Brain Yoga®.  I hold a Bachelor of Arts from Hampshire College (founded when presidents of four distinguished New England colleges sought a home for bold, influential—even radical—ideas in higher education) and have received post-graduate training at Duke University, Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, and The Wholebeing Institute. I am a former teacher & resident of Esalen Institute – the birthplace of the Human Potential Movement.


Duke Integrative Medicine 

As a Coach Training Assistant, I work on a team of leading professionals in the world of Integrative Health Coaching assisting students on their journeys towards becoming Integrative Health Coaches.

Wuttke Institute 

My work with Wuttke Institute develops awareness, uncovers areas for modification and growth, identifies resources to implement change with the goal of promoting and sustaining optimal brain and overall health & well-being for their clients. My work is supported by my own personal understanding of the power of brainwave biofeedback and other neurotherapies, as well as the challenges of integrating brainwave changes into everyday life.


Thankful is a social enterprise and global lifestyle brand founded on the principle that the simple practice of gratitude has the power to improve overall happiness and wellness. I support Thankful as a Health & Wellness Ambassador.

Balance Through Movement

I am the Co-founder and Lead Faculty for Balance Through Movement (BTM) yoga teacher trainings, workshops, and retreats. BTM provides a foundation of Hatha yoga theory & physical practice combined with interdisciplinary tools based on modern knowledge of the body & mind. We place emphasis on body mechanics, modifications to adapt physically, emotionally & energetically, and use leading neuroscience research to build awareness and possibility.