Preparing For Rest

Creating a space in which you feel comfortable and safe will encourage and support your body to rest deeply during our time together. 

As you rest, your body temperature might drop, so consider having a blanket close by, or wear a hoodie and socks. Make sure your space is warm and cozy avoiding drafty locations (near a window or AC vent) or a chilly floor.

During our meditation practices we will be creating “villas” to rest in. Each of these “villas” will be custom built just for you. Ultimately I suggest that you construct your own space and chose the best position by listening to the person that knows best – you. 

Below is a list of props or household items to support you in building your very own “villa” and being comfortable during our time together. These same items will be used during our yoga practices on Fridays. Whatever you have at home is perfectly fine. They do not need to be “yoga props”. 

  • A yoga mat (If you don’t have a yoga mat, try laying on a blanket or towel instead. In fact, I rarely use a yoga mat when practicing at home!) 
  • 3 blankets or towels (I prefer thick towels as they tend to hold their shape best when rolling them to use as support)
  • 3 firmer pillows/cushions or yoga bolsters 
  • 2 yoga blocks (optional)
  • 1 kitchen towel (to be rolled and placed under your neck)
  • a light scarf/washcloth/eye pillow to block out ambient light

As you set up your space, keep in mind that there are many positions in which you can participate from during our mindfulness practices. Here are just three:

  • Lay on your back with your palms up and your legs and feet slightly separated. You can place a bolster, pillow, or rolled up towels under your knees.
  • Lay on your side, similar to fetal position. You may want to try using your bolster (or pillow or blanket) between your knees.
  • Lay on your stomach, with your head turned to one side.

You can vary props with each position to ensure that your body is supported. Experiment with each pose and observe what feels most comfortable to you.