About Me

I am a coach & facilitator working with burned-out over-achievers and heart-driven leaders that want to increase connection, build and amplify their purpose and increase their capacity for joy.

I have a PhD in burnout. 

My credentials include conventional versions of success including launching one of the very first e-commerce portals, opening a groundbreaking exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum, and burning the midnight oil for The Devil That Wears Prada which ultimately led to the qualifications from which I draw the most wisdom – a PhD in Burnout. 

It took my experience as an overextended, high achieving and sleep-deprived startup founder combined with the wisdom I gleaned from picking myself up off the floor after a devastating health crisis, tumultuous divorce, and the death of a sibling – all within a year –  to drive me to reprioritize my energy and revise my definition of success. 

I apply my corporate experience within the rungs of fashion and publishing, lessons from my 15+ years as a heart-driven serial entrepreneur, and the same best practices and tools that have increased emotional and physical wellbeing in my own life to help others in becoming regenerative leaders building and amplifying their capacity for joy, purpose, and impact.